Myths about the Lace-Front Wig!

How much do you know about lace wigs?

Do you wear them?

How many do you have?  

I have listened to a lot of comments on lace front wigs some positive - some negative. The negative mostly comes from men that obviously have had bad experiences with a women wearing one or women just seeing one that looks awkward. 

I for one can honestly say I can agree with some of the negatives because the simple fact is there is a large population of women that aren’t properly applying their wigs, getting the wrong size, or buying wigs with low quality hair. There are things that are so crucial in selecting a good natural looking wig. Its always good to seek advise or tips form " A frequent Wig Wearer" if we can call it that.

What are the myth you hear about Lace Wigs? 

Myth: "Wigs are hot and uncomfortable."
Truth: Today's wigs are designed to be lighter, cooler and more comfortable.

Myth: "Everyone will know I'm wearing a wig."
Truth: Choose a wig close to your current hairstyle and even your best friend will ask who cut/colored your hair.

Lets face it, not everyone can afford expensive lace wigs. What about  those that want to have one but cant afford it? Get a cheaper one right? Yes I did use the word "cheap" or you can substitute it with affordable. Yet again what is affordable? What if you could just a wear a with that doesn't look "fake" or "cheap"???

Heard of Heat Resistant hair Or Custom made wigs using wig caps? 

We will touch more on this in our next blog. Comment and share your comments via our social media platforms.

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